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The Seven Bridges Writing Project is a National Writing Project site located at the University of North Florida and serving the north Florida and southeastern Georgia regions.


We work with K-12 teachers, administrators, and district personnel to implement research-based writing pedagogies that engage students in writing and that help younger writers find greater voice in their work. 

The Summer Institute

The Seven Bridges Writing Project hosts a Summer Institute in which we bring together local K-12 teachers, writing experts, and professors of education and of writing to explore ways of engaging students in writing.

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The Seven Bridges team has a wealth of writing-based expertise, pedagogies, and resources to bring to your school, your district, your students, or to your writing group. We can provide PD on site or on the campus of the University of North Florida.


The Seven Bridges Writing team consists of  professors of education, professors of writing, and K-12 teachers who have been trained in our programs.



"This was by far the most engaging and relevant professional development I've ever had."

"I learned so much as a writer and teacher."

"My only critique about the Summer Institute: it was too short!"

"It was so interactive! It made me think of all the ways that I can make writing fun and engaging for the students."

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"I think that offering this professional development to local schools...will help to spread the word about authentic student writing and the teaching of writing in a high stakes testing world."

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A Teacher's creative writing response to the SBWP Summer Institute

Refreshing the Liberal Soul

~a haiku response to Dorie~


Water is precious,

an ongoing narrative,

a running thesis,


a smooth, soothing stream. . .

of consciousness, a current

flow that refreshes.


Natural resource

made from time and miracle,

a conversation.


Time, precious, is like

water, an unplanned comma,

a beautifully 


diagrammed sentence,

bro-ken into its wayward parts:

fragments recomposed.


Teachers, women, for

a brief moment, one lone male—

overcomers now


seeing solutions

with hearts full of care, traverse

the seven bridges


arched over rivers

of words, thought, and hope that lead

to writing freedom.



~By Anjeanette Alexander-Smith

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