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The Summer Institute

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About the Summer Institute

Each summer, the Seven Bridges Writing Project brings together local K-12 teachers, professors of Education (specifically faculty in our literacy programs), and professors of English to explore engaging and research-based writing pedagogies to use in K-12 classrooms, and to better understand ourselves as writers.

Teacher participants are selected via a competitive application process and our participants represent the entire range of K-12 educators (elementary, secondary, literacy and ESE specialists, administrators, etc.). So far, the Summer Institute has been free to participants thanks to grant funding. Completion of the Summer Institute is credited toward teachers' state-mandated continuing education requirements. A select group of participants in the Summer Institute become SBWP Teacher Leaders. Teacher Leaders work closely with us in the areas of outreach, professional development to local schools, and in preparation of future Summer Institutes.

Highlights: 2021 Summer Institute

Overview: 2021 Summer Institute

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