Deconstructing Meritocracy and Understanding School Funding

I created the activity below as a means to help students understand the relationship between property taxes and school funding. As I used the activity, I realized that it also served to highlight the problems inherent in an uncritical belief in meritocracy, especially as it relates to schools. These slides represent both parts of the activity (a faux tax worksheet and an educational resources test). I have provided downloadable copies of these materials at the bottom of this page.

You can download the faux tax sheet, instructions, and the subsequent test activity below

For more information, please see the article that my colleagues and I wrote about teaching meritocracy and how school funding models provide avenues for critical examinations about this highly flawed ideology.
White, J.W., Ali-Khan, C., & Zoellner, B. (2017). Deconstructing meritocracy in the college classroom. College Teaching, 65(2), 1-15.