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 Multi-Genre & Multi-Modal ELA Projects 

It is my belief that ELA teachers can and should encourage their students to express their knowledge in creative ways and get students to write across multiple genres (ideally on the same topic). The multi-genre project is an excellent way for students to demonstrate what they have learned about a topic/text while also learning from the project itself. These kinds of projects are generally far more engaging for students and their teachers than are essays, term papers, or tests. Why not make assignments creative and memorable?  Why not get students to think and write in new ways?


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Click above for additional information on multi-genre projects

EXAMPLES: Below are links to multi-genre/multi-modal projects my ELA methods students completed based on texts that they read. The authors of these pieces gave permission to have their work serve as examples to others. Click images for full example or use the pdf viewer (from which you can download). Note that these items are the work of college-level students and may not represent the same level of work one can ask of a secondary ELA student.

Vampire Academy

The Phantom Tollbooth

A faux interview via modern media and format

The Book Thief

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