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Florida Teacher Competency Exam (FTCE)

English Education

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Additional Advice

For the English Education Test:

Read the introductory information prior to each section in an English anthology series (e.g., the Norton Anthology). This provides an overview of the historical and aesthetical contexts, authors, and genres within a given period. An alternative is to look up different literary periods via Wikipedia.

For the writing portion of the exam (which generally comes first), be sure to brainstorm and to organize your main points before you begin writing. The reviewers will want to see wisely organized thinking in a format roughly akin to the five-paragraph essay. Be sure to pay special attention to grammar, syntax, and punctuation (problems in these areas can doom an essay).

Review notes on the teaching of English for Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

Review notes on "research-based" reading instruction (phonics, phonemic awareness, etc.).
For the Professional Education Test:

Review notes from your courses in Educational Psychology, Classroom Management, and Assessment. Read Wikipedia pages on these issues. Pay special attention to newer trends as the state likes to highlight these on exams. Make note of those issues that have widely used acronyms.

Know what the test entails in terms of content, the breakdown of that content (special areas) and the length of the test. Visit the FTCE Exam Site.

Do timed practice examinations and focus your energies on any areas in which you may be struggling.

Get a good night's sleep. Eat a good breakfast.

Remember that this test is not a reflection on your knowledge or potential to teach. Also remember that you can retake the test if it does not go well.
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