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 Application Deadline February 15, 2023 

UNF's College of Education and Human Services and College of Arts and Sciences are pleased to offer a short-term study abroad trip to England and Scotland. This eighteen (18) day experience is designed to give American college students - especially those in education, social work, and psychology - some insights into the schools and social systems in the UK.  Students will visit two college campuses where they will interact with UK faculty and college students within the aforementioned disciplines. Our student travelers will then spend time in local school and social service settings to witness how those contexts compare and contrast to those in the United States. We'll end our experience with a visit to Edinburgh, Scotland, one of Europe's most historic and scenic cities.

For more information on the UK experience, please contact John W. White (Education & Trip Lead),  Jennifer Spaulding-Givens (Social Work), or Courtney Boise (Psychology).

Note that you do not have to major in these programs to participate in the experience. You will have to enroll in one of our associated courses, PSY 4995 or EDF 4995: Special Topics in Education and Psychology: A Study Abroad in the United Kingdom. THe latter can be taken at variable credits (1-3 credits).


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UNF is partnering with two universities in the UK: The University of Chester and Teesside University.

Learn more about them by clicking on the University logos below

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Traveler Information: Getting Prepared

We encourage you to look at  potential scholarship funding  for study abroad via UNF's SAILS Program as well as looking at possible funding through the UNF Foundation

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